Backup Power Generators

As we in Canterbury know all too well lately, the power is never as reliable as we think. Why take the chance, when you can rely on a Kohler backup generator. Whether it’s a 3kVA portable or a 200kVA industrial set, Kohler build reliable, quality generators. Kohler is the third largest manufacturer of diesel generators in the world and have been making generators since 1920.


kohlerIndustrial Generators

Kohler’s industrial generators range from 8 – 700kVA. Generators under 30kVA run a Mitsubishi diesel engine, 33-220kVA run John Deere engines and 350-700kVA run a Volvo-Penta. Whether it’s a for a herringbone milking shed or a 20 story hotel, we specialise in providing a total solution. We start by carrying out a load analysis and deciding what size generator is right for your application. We then supply, install and commission your generator so that all you have to do is wait for the power to go out.

Residential LPG or natural gas generatorsKohler-14RES

Kohlers range of LPG or natural gas generators are perfect for your home or small business. They are designed to provide a cost effective solution for backup power. By running a 3000RPM engine they are not bothered by low load in the way diesel generators are and it also provides significant savings. LPG doesn’t go stale, so it doesn’t matter if it has been sitting there for 18 months, and if you connect 2 x 45KG bottles you have 10 days of stored fuel.

There are four options available (incl. GST)

Model Power Output Price (incl gst)
14RESA 1ph/11kW $12,495
20RESA 1ph/14kW $13,495
20RESA 3ph/16kW $14,995
SDMO63  63A auto changeover $1,950
SDMO100 100A suto changeover $2,400

Portable Generators

Kohlers range of portable generators are perfect for the work site or camp site. They run a quality Kohler petrol engine and alternator which provides a smooth output via the AVR.

portable-generatorSome of the models available are:

Model Power Output Price (incl gst)
PK3000 3.5kVA $1,995
PK4200 4.2kVA $2,735
PK5000 5.0kVA $3,280
PK7000 6.5kVA $3,820
PK8500 7.5kVA $4,820
PK8500ES 7.5kVA $5,435

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