Solar energy makes excellent sense for any business, because the sun shines during business hours. We’re able to design a system that allows you to use the majority of the power produced, which provides the best return on investment. We focus on providing accurate, site specific information, allowing you to make an informed decision on such an important investment.

Why go Solar?

  • Excellent return on investment; 13-20% once all financial returns are included,
  • Investment increases every time the price of power increases, you will never have a reduction in return,
  • You own the asset, being fixed to your building,
  • Provides gains other than financial, such as promoting your sustainability image,
  • Reduce overheads; a total energy production and load reduction project could easily halve or quarter your power bills,
  • Systems are scalable, so can be increased as capex budgets allow or growth requires,
  • Online monitoring, so you can watch and show off your system world wide,
  • Panels come with a 25 year linear output warranty so you know your investment will last,
  • Virtually maintenance free, the only thing you have to do to maximise output is keep them clean, and generally a few good wet days does that for you.

We have spent time in the U.S. learning about Solar PV on a commercial scale. Therefore when you combine our knowledge and expertise with our technology and comprehensive analysis, you end up with a system that you can be confident will perform as expected.

Did you know?

Installing a Solar PV system is prescribed electrical work and it is illegal for anyone who is not a registered electrician to carry out any part of an installation for monetary reward, unless under the direct supervision of a registered electrician as part of a training agreement.

Our Solar PV systems are designed to meet the needs of each customer individually. The steps to carrying out an installation include:

  1. Detailed load analysis including data logging for 2-4 weeks,
  2. Site analysis to identify optimum array location and any shading issues,
  3. Power production analysis using solar access data compiled from NIWA weather stations,
  4. A submitted proposal outlining expected return on investment,
  5. Qualified Solar Technicians to carry out the installation.
Shade Analysis is carried out using specialised technology

Shade Analysis is carried out using specialised technology

Site specific solar data is compiled

Site specific solar data is compiled

Solar Production Calculator

Array Size – 20kW. Installation Cost – $39,100

Month Average Peak Sunlight Array Efficiency Output kWh Return @ $0.26 c/kWh ROI %
JAN 5.18 95% 2051.02 $793.27 2.03
FEB 4.78 95% 2542.96 $661.17 1.69
MAR 4.26 95% 2509.14 $652.38 1.67
APR 3.36 95% 1915.20 $497.95 1.27
MAY 2.56 95% 1507.84 $392.04 1.00
JUN 2.21 95% 1259.70 $327.52 0.84
JUL 2.51 95% 1478.39 $384.38 0.98
AUG 3.18 95% 1873.02 $486.99 1.25
SEP 4.14 95% 2359.80 $613.55 1.57
OCT 4.86 95% 2862.54 $744.26 1.90
NOV 5.23 95% 2981.10 $775.09 1.98
DEC 5.29 95% 3115.81 $810.11 2.07
Annual 3.96 95% 27,456.52 $7,138.70 18.26%

Commercial and Industrial Grid-Tied Solar Packages Installed (excl. gst)

Array Size
x250W Panels
40x 250W
80x 250W
120x 250W
Surface mount on metal roof $21,750 $39,100 $52,175
Potential generation (kwh/yr) 14,000 28,000 42,000
Total financial return on investment (@ 26c/kwh) 21.92% 22.5% 24.6%

We have access to use several quality inverters all come with excellent warranties which are extendable.

Our solar panels have a 25 year linear warranty on output, meaning in 25 years you should still be enjoying excellent returns on your investment.

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A successful solar investment can only be achieved by carrying out a correct and comprehensive analysis of the installation site, followed by a quality installation using our trained professionals.
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