Grid-tied Solar Power Systems

How Do Solar Power Systems Work?

  • Light from the sun is converted into electricity,
  • DC electricity from panels feed into the inverter which turns it into mains voltage (230V AC),
  • AC power is used to run your appliances and heating etc.
  • Excess power is exported to the grid, which you get paid for. *Rates vary, check with your retailer.

Did you know?

Installing a Solar PV system is prescribed electrical work and it is illegal for anyone who is not a registered electrician to carry out any part of an installation for monetary reward, unless under the direct supervision of a registered electrician as part of a training agreement.

Our Solar PV systems are designed to meet the needs of each customer individually. The steps to carrying out an installation include:

  1. Customer load analysis, what power is used and when?
  2. Site analysis to identify optimum array location and any shading issues,
  3. Power production analysis using solar access data compiled from NIWA weather stations,
  4. A submitted proposal outlining expected return on investment,
  5. Qualified Solar Technicians to carry out the installation.
Shade Analysis is carried out using specialised technology

Shade Analysis is carried out using specialised technology

Site specific solar data is compiled

Site specific solar data is compiled

Residential Grid-Tied Solar packages installed on a typical roof (incl. GST)

Array Size 2kw
8 Panels
12 Panels
16 Panels
20 Panels
Surface Mount on Metal Roof $6,499 $8,995 $10,995 $12,495
Potential Generation (kWh/yr) 2,800 4,250 5,600 7,000
Return on investment (@ 30c/kwh) 12.95% 14% 15.3% 16.8%

We have access to use several quality inverters all come with excellent warranties which are extendable.

Our solar panels have a 25 year linear warranty on output, meaning in 25 years you should still be enjoying excellent returns on your investment.

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