• Solar energy is free energy, all you need is the equipment to harness it,
  • It’s environmentally friendly; you are assisting in reducing New Zealand’s reliance on coal and oil, as well as the chances of needing to dam another river,
  • Reduced cost of living, imagine saving up to 75% on your power bill each month!,
  • Excellent return on investment; 12-17% for Solar PV and 20-25% for Solar Hot Water,
  • New Zealand has an excellent climate for solar,
  • Increase the value of your home or building.
The key is to look at your power consumption and figure out how best to reduce it. With the average household spending 30-50% of their power bills on hot water heating, a solar hot water system can save you up to 85% of the cost of water heating. The remainder of the power bill, things like heating and appliances, can easily be reduced by installing a Solar PV system.

Solar Hot Water vs Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

solar-hot-water-solar-pvSolar Hot Water and Solar PV are two totally different technologies, utilising the same source of energy. Each has its own merits and we firmly believe that the two systems work in harmony as part of a total energy package.

The Basics about Solar

Solar Hot Water works by capturing the heat of the sun which warms the water which is pumped from your Hot Water Cylinder through a manifold on the roof. See Solar Hot Water for more info on this.

Solar PV works when the light from the sun hits the Silicon layer of each module, creating a potential (power). The power produced is DC (like a battery) and therefore requires an inverter to turn it into mains voltage (230V AC).

Key Differences between Solar Hot Water and Solar PV

Solar PV is less efficient than Solar Hot Water as it only converts about 15% of the light it receives into power, meaning you need a larger area to generate the same amount of energy. For this reason we believe Solar Hot Water is the best way to heat your water. The flipside is that Solar Hot Water is only good for water heating, excess energy is effectively wasted, where as a Solar PV system can power any electrical load, like heating and appliances, with any unused power exported back to the grid, which you are paid for by your electricity retailer.*

*Retailer export prices vary so check with your retailer first.

Comparative costs between Solar Hot Water and Solar PV

Solar hot water systems range from $4,000 to $8,000 vs. Solar PV systems which range from $3,750 to $30,000+ for large systems.

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