Solar Water Heatinget-technology

Using new technologies, our solar water panels work more efficiently, giving greater heating – all year round. The multiple collectors are made with double walled glass tubes called evacuated tubes. Each has a vacuum space which insulates from heat loss – like double glazing – and copper piping inside containing an efficient heat transfer liquid. When the tube is heated by light, the hot liquid rises to the manifold where it transfers heat to cold water – similar to a heat pump. The heated water is then moved to your hot water cylinder. The system is managed by a smart controller which further optimises performance.

Evacuated Tube (ET) Technologyet-diagram

  • Heats up to 85% of your hot water
  • Works all year round, even on cloudy days
  • German technology designed for NZ conditions
  • Systems are usually installed in 1 day
  • Meets rigorous quality and performance standards, including frost and hail protection
  • Low maintenance – only requires an annual exterior wipe clean
  • 10 year warranty

Retrofit or New solar cylinder

Retrofit to your existing cylinder

We recommend replacing cylinders over 20 years old due to their low insulation level and subsequent heat loss, however, to save money we can attach to most existing cylinders. Elements are run on a timer system to ensure the element does not come on during high sun periods. The flow and return to the solar panel are normally attached to the cold water entry of the cylinder.

Solar ready cylinder

To get the maximum benefit of the solar water heating, a solar cylinder is most commonly used. The differences between this and a conventional cylinder is they have a mid-point element, and, they have flow and return pipes for the solar panels already in place. We are able to supply high quality Peter Cocks solar ready cylinders if requested, plumbing work is quoted separately for cylinder replacements.

Specifications System
# of Tubes 20 30 40
Total Width 1397 2100 2795
Total Height 2040 2040 2040
Full Stand Height (if required) 1450 1450 1450
Collector area (m2) 2.1 3.1 4.2
Gross Area (m2) 3.3 4.8 6.5
Total Weight (kg) 58.6 88 117.2
Avg. Power/day (kWhr) 5.3 7.9 10.6
Min Cylinder Size 135 180 270
# People in the house 1-2 2-4 4-7
Price (incl. gst) $2,799 $3,499 $4,299

System includes aluminium frame, manifold, evacuated tubes, 3 speed Wilo pump and intelligent controller. Installation costs vary but are usually around $1,800 – 2,000 inc. GST

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