Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems

ABW Electric provide a range of solar power systems to help you reduce your power bill and provide an efficient and environmentally friendly way of powering your home or business.

Our range of Solar Power Systems

Why Go Solar?

Potential Savings from Solar Power Systems

With the average household spending 30-50% of their power bill on hot water, a solar hot water system can save you up to 85% of the cost of water heating. Combine this with a Solar PV system and you could save up to 75% of your power bill.

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Backup Power Generators

As we in Canterbury know all too well lately, the power is never as reliable as we think. Why take the chance, when you can rely on a Kohler backup generator. Whether it's a 3kVA portable or a 200kVA industrial set, Kohler build reliable, quality generators. Kohler is the third largest manufacturer of diesel generators in the world and have been making generators since 1920.

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